Incepted in Sept 2016, NR Foods and Technology Private Ltd . (NRFT) directly sources fresh and processed produce from the farmers and aims to positively impact farmer incomes. NRFT under its brand, Indian Origins, is creating market connections and bringing pure and traditional products to discerning Indian consumers.
Our Values
Nurture the farmer communities
We source directly from the farmer communities at market prices. Our farmer communities are gradually embracing a demand driven need to produce.

# We have positively impacted farmers in Karnataka , Tamil Nadu , Uttar Pradesh , Rajasthan ,Gujarat and Chhattisgarh.
# Sourcing a total of 6 tonnes of fresh fruit from them, from May 2017 to Aug 2017, for markets in Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad.
We are constantly pushing ourselves to innovate. Innovation on the processes, helps us to bring products that:

# Help the entire value chain – farming, distribution and consumption
# Are truly international, yet Indian in their origin
# Are natural and pure.
Focus on Technology
Technology covering all aspects from sourcing, packaging and distribution
What Led us here
As a team, we are seekers of products that are grown in India and processed by small and medium producers. We are a team of experienced development sector professionals, finance experts and marketing professionals with a combined passion to bring these products to your doorstep.